Events for May

6 May, 2024
Schedule of the next three events
May 9 - 12
Psi-mutants attack!
Four days, 09.05 (from 00:00 MSK) to 12.05 (till 23:59 MSK), defeat regular (not rare or "killer" class) blyaks, fiends, sorcerers and basilisks.
To get points you need to hunt mutants, whose killing brings you more than 5 EXP.
Three winners from each of main servers (RU, PvP, PvE) will receive prizes:
VSS "Sverlo" Shell - 5 pcs.
Old Stalker's Journal (14 days)
15 best stalkers will get 40 A-Zone pins!
May 18 - 19
Search for artifacts
Scientists of Zone announced the search for artifacts! For the purposes of the scientific experiment, only artifacts of the "alpha" group and only the pickups are counting; all the collected artifacts stalkers are free to use as they want.
Only the first pick up of an artifact is counting, while artifacts that stalkers themselves threw doesn't count.
The following artifacts of the "alpha" group are of interest to scientists: Screen, Pillow, Shield, Resin, Antigrav, Stabilizer, Vezuvius, Haze, Heater, Conductor. 
Stalkers of three servers (RU, PvP, PvE), who will make the most pickups from 00:00 on 18.05 to 23:59 on 19.05 (Moscow time), will receive prizes:
Gyurza Backpack (30 days)
Subspace Store (7 days)
Search for Traders (10 days)
Packaging Diary
The 15 stalkers, who will make the most pickups, will get special prize:
"A-Zone" Pin - 50 pcs.
May 25 - 26
Champions of Arenas
From 00:00 on 25.05 till 23:59 on 26.05 (Moscow time) win as many times as you can on Arenas.
Three winners from each server (RU, PvP, PvE), who have get the most wins, will receive prizes:
"Bobik" Armor Vest (pers., 30 days)
Camouflage cloak - 1 set (18 pcs.)
RGO Frag Grenade - 10 pcs.
In addition, any participant from RU server will receive 60 "A-Zone" pins for every 100 wins, while any participant from PvE and PvP servers will get 30 "A-Zone" pins for every 50 wins.
(!) Participation (and victory!) in the three listed events brings separate points:
1st place: 4 points
2nd place: 3 points
3rd place: 2 points
4th - 15th places: 1 point
Based on the overall results, at the end of May, a separate three winners will be determined (separately for RU, PvP and PvE), who will receive additional prizes:
SBZ Complete Set (60 days) in Box (60 days)
"A-Zone" Pin - 80 pcs.
(!!) Distribution of all prizes (both general and for each event separately) will be carried out upon completion of all three, after May 26th.
Thank you for your patience!
Good luck!