Psi-mutants attack!

25 March, 2024
From 00:00 - 30.03 till 23:59 - 31.03 (Moscow time) - defeat regular (not rare or "killer" class) blyaks, fiends, sorcerers and basilisks.
To get points you need to hunt mutants, whose killing brings you more than 5 EXP.
To get to the top, you need to kill at least one mutant of each type (blyak, fiend, sorcerer and basilisk). Stalkers who did not eliminate a mutant of each type will NOT get into the top! This means that if no one coped with all four mutants, no one will get the prizes!
Any participant who get into top-15 will receive 60 A-Zone pins and the Tin Foil Hat - the traditional April Fools' prize.
Good luck!