Contests policy

10 years ago


We are constantly organizing various in-game contests among the active players. During such contests, players are to fulfill simple tasks and gain points. For example, in a contest about collecting bear heads, those players who collect the most heads will become finalists. All finalists get prizes.

Who are the finalists?

It’s the players who, based on the results of the contest, have gained the greatest number of points. Your prizes can be found here. As a rule, there are several finalists, each getting prizes as provided by the Conditions of the Contest. Prizes may include valuable in-game objects, weapons and gear.

Note: In order to get the prize, you are REQUIRED to become a finalist AND gain some points, other than zero. One shouldn’t be misled by the idea that all one has to do is apply early and do nothing.

How do I register?

  1. Visit the contests page.
  2. Choose a contest.
  3. Choose the in-game character who will take part in it and press "Register".
  4. If you want to participate in more than one contest, choose another contest and repeat.

After we get enough participants, the contest will be transferred to Active section. Date and time that is most convenient for most contestants will be chosen and you’ll get an e-mail notification.


In order to avoid fraud by mass registration of twink accounts, we have a level threshold for contests eligibility. That means, we set a minimum level for the characters who can participate in the contest, such as level 5 or 10.

Disputable cases

There may be situations when several players gain equal number of points and qualify for the same finalist place. In that case, priority will be given to the player who get the result point for the contest earlier.

Compliants procedure

Any complaints about an incorrectly held or incorrect results calculation, or any distortions in the actual statistics will be accepted only through the technical support system. Complaints shall be accepted within three days after the completion of the disputed contest. The decision about any adjustment results will be made only if:

  • Complaints are received from over 25% of the no-fee contest participants (excluding winners).
  • Complaints are received from over 10% of the prepaid fee contest participants (excluding winners)

All contests and complaints are handled by a separate independent group of game developers. All complaints bypassing the official system, including those made to “developer friends” of any level of hierarchy, complaining on the forum etc. will be ignored.