"Sverlo" Sniper Rifle
Level: 3
Weight: 2.6 кг.
Durability: 187000

Silent sniper rifle. Established in CRI "Tochmash" Klimovsk in the early 1980s under the leadership of Peter Serdyukov. Made in Russia for intelligence units and special forces. Thanks to a subsonic cartridge and integrated muffler has a lower noise level and brightness of the flash shots, but the maximum distance of much less than most sniper rifles.

Rate of fire 3
Range 180
Damage 20
Armor-piercing 5
Spread 0.0036

Ammo: 9x39 SP5 , 9x39 PAB9 , 9x39 SP6 , 9x39 RB , 9x39 HPT , 9x39 SP5

Tags: No

In-game cost: 173650 Silver