"Barrett" Sniper Rifle
Level: 5
Weight: 12.9 кг.
Durability: 300000

Large caliber sniper rifle used by many armies. Due to its high power, it is more frequently used for shooting at lightly armored vehicles, rather than people. Officially it was not supplied to the Zone, but rumor is that very few units have nevertheless made their way inside the Perimeter. The rifle belonged to a clan for some time, but it was disbanded. Ideal for fighting against larger and thick-skinned mutants, as well as heavy armor.

Rate of fire 0.5
Range 200
Armor-piercing 10
Spread 0.0008

Ammo: 12/70 0000 , 12.7x99 , 12.7x99 AP , 12/70 Bullet , 12/70 00 , 12/70 RB

Tags: No

In-game cost: 1248400 Silver