Ruger Rifle (1 hour)
Level: 2
Weight: 2.9 кг.
Durability: 100000

Self-loading rifle, made ​​in USA. There was at attempt to combine, the Army rifle M1 and a new bullet at a time with a low-impact 5.56x45. The result is an automatic rifle, was popular in the U.S. police forces (including such major police forces, as the police department in New York City -- NYPD, and police the State of Texas -- Texas DPS), and was popular as a civilian weapon.

Rate of fire 4
Range 180
Damage 8
Armor-piercing 5
Spread 0.0064

Ammo: 5.56x45 ss , 5.56x45 Rem , 5.56x45 AP , 5.56x45 RB , 5.56x45 HPT , 5.56x45 ss

Tags: No

In-game cost: 1 Silver