Enhanced Clan Outfit Replacement to M2
Level: 5
Weight: 3 кг.
Durability: 900000

Warning! This weapon can't be restored! This assault rifle was designed and built by underground engineers based on stolen blueprints of modified clan weapons. It is considered an equivalent replacement for the M2 type weapon with the same performance in open combat. Does not require a license to carry, as it is not the property of any clan. Very popular on the "black market". It is still recommended to study the skill of using a clan weapon for maximum efficiency.

Rate of fire 12
Range 135
Damage 10
Armor-piercing 30
Spread 0.00488

Ammo: 12.7x99 , 12.7x99 AP , Slugs , Slg.AP , Slg.AP-T , Slg.HP , Slg.RB , Sl.HPT

Tags: No

In-game cost: 834000 Silver