Modular Handheld "K" Machine Gun (Modified, F-Camo, 60 days)
Level: 1
Weight: 0 кг.
Durability: 600000

A bonus item with limited time of use. This item will disappear after 60 days from the moment of purchase. The modular "K" machine-gun was designed outside the perimeter of the Zone. Thanks to the use of the latest alloys, it was possible to achieve significant weight reduction, without loss of quality and accuracy of fire. A camouflage variant of MRPK, perfect for a combat on forest-covered territories.

Rate of fire 9
Range 140
Damage 50
Armor-piercing 30
Spread 0.00568

Ammo: 5.45x39 , 5.45x39 AP , 5.45x39 AP-T , 5.45x39 NL , 5.45x39 RB , 5.45x39 HPT

Tags: No

In-game cost: 834000 Silver