OSIRIS-5000 Sniper Rifle
Level: 5
Weight: 6.55 кг.
Durability: 250000

Rifle barrel and firing mechanism are made of stainless steel that allows to make the weight of the weapon as light as possible. Performance characteristics of OSIRIS-5000 rifle allow to hit targets in any weather conditions, no pre-firing or technical training required. Required profession: Sniper. To use the weapon without proper profession, you need base skill "Sniper Rifles V".

Rate of fire 1
Range 200
Damage 100
Armor-piercing 20
Spread 0.0012

Ammo: 8.6x70 , 8.6x70 AP , .338 AP , 8.6x70 HP , 8.6x70 RB

Tags: No

In-game cost: 565700 Silver

3.84 USD