Kalash-12 Assault Rifle
Level: 5
Weight: 3.4 кг.
Durability: 500000

A newest automatic rifle developed for special forces. By a special Ministry order, an experimental sample batch was sent to the Zone for field tests, but it was intercepted by the locals who stole the weapons as trophies, modified it somewhat and are now equipping their soldiers with them. You need to attach a magazine to use this firearm. To use the weapon without proper profession, you need base skill "Rifles V".

Rate of fire 12
Range 120
Armor-piercing 30
Spread 0.00568

Ammo: 7.62x51 , 7.62x51 AP , 7.62x51 HP , 7.62x51 AP-T , 7.62x51 RB , 7.62x51 , 7.62x51 HPT , 7.62x51

Tags: No

In-game cost: 565700 Silver