Partizan Pants
Level: 2
Weight: 3 кг.
Durability: 25000

Related skills: Mutant Resistant Clothing. They say a similar pants belonged to stalker Semen Bezyskhodkin when he was captured by rebellious members of the Brethren. Stalker Semen knew military operation details on Brethren exclusion from Liubech. Radical "whites" locked him in the cellar under the community center where the stalker was tortured for three days. Semen didn't give away the militaries' plans, the Brethren lost the fight that followed and had to leave deep into the Zone, to the north-east. When people found Semen's body he was missing four fingers and toes on each of his hands and feet, and there were no nails on the remaining ones. Moreover, the body was badly dehematized, more than half of bones were broken, extensive head and chest hematomas were the evidence of massive assault, the jaws lacked some teeth. Military experts came to a conclusion that Semen was blinded after his death already, according to some Brethren ritual. On the wall, above the body, there was bloody "Get out of the Zone..."


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In-game cost: 18450 Silver