Skull Mask (7 days)
Level: 4
Weight: 0.275 кг.
Durability: 1000000

A bonus item with limited time of use. This item will disappear after 7 days from the moment of purchase. Similar masks allegedly belonged to the members of Bald Scalps gang living on assault, robbery and plunder in the first years of Zone taming. Having built up the Perimeter, militaries established order in Liubech and the "scalps" left "to quarry" in neighboring villages where they encountered the White Brethren. Radical "brothers" didn't want to tolerate the impudence and ruffianly habits of the townies -- within two nights they completely wiped out the gang taking the masks as trophies. The scalps' bodies were never found. There is a tale going about that some of them survived the slaughter having deserted to the enemy, were then initiated through the ritual and are now Brethren members.


Tags: No

In-game cost: Not for sale