9x19 HP
Ammo 9x19 (Hollow Point)
Level: 1
Weight: 0.2457 кг.

9x19 hollow point. Pistol unitary cartridge, developed in 1902 by German gunsmith Georg Luger, pistol under the same name "Luger Parabellum". The name was coined from the Latin proverb "If you want peace -- prepare for war" (latin. Si vis pacem, para bellum). After World War II, the cartridge was adopted by many countries as a standard NATO ammo. Most effective against defenseless targets. For weapons - Pistols: Gaston-17 Gaston-18 Swift Submachine Guns: Spectre HK MP5-K HK MP5-SD3 UZI Model-10 Vityaz

Damage 48
Armor-piercing 70

Tags: No

In-game cost: 378 Silver